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About MLPL

Mansarovar Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (MLPL) is a solution provider in material handling, processing and transportation services. It undertakes -

  • Material handling & transportation of various types of iron and steel slag & scraps.
  • Segregation of metallic and non-metallic pieces from slag in specified areas within steel mills.
  • Mechanized screening of raw materials.
  • Surface grinding of billets and slabs.

MLPL has been engaged in various material handling and transportation activities in the iron and steel industry and in the mining industry for several years. We have been efficiently handling scrap generated at steel mills such as Hot Strip Mills & Cold Rolling Mills; slag generated at blast furnaces and LD shops; and other types of scrap. We employ unique and specific process methodologies to accurately meet client needs and exceed their expectations. We have also been providing mechanized screening solutions to leading iron ore mines in Eastern India.

MLPL is a people centered organization – the people we serve and the people that make up our company.

Focus on customer needs, unique solutions, quality, staff excellence and profitability, combined with specialization in the Steel and Mining industry in a wide variety of areas and techniques developed and specially designed to meet the unique needs of each areas of services has contributed to MLPL's growth.


Trilok Singh - Managing Director

With over 15 years of successful track record. Hands on business experience in managing the entire activities of the Company in addition to the activities of others firms owned – Mansarovar Hotel, Mansarovar Hospitality, Kwality Tent House.

Special Skills: Sales & Marketing, Business Networking, Financial Strategy formulation.

Manu Bhamra - Director

With over 5 years of successful track record. Hands on business experience in day to day co-ordination, public relation activities in addition to managing the activities of other firms owned – Mansarovar Hospitality.

Special Skills: Public Relations & Business Networking.


Mansarovar Logistics Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 8th September 2006 at Jamshedpur. It commenced commercial operation from 1st April 2008 through the takeover of all the activities of the partnership firm M/S Jhanda Singh & Co., a firm established on 24th December 1973 at Jamshedpur and a reputed service provider to Steel Mill and Iron Ore mines in Eastern India including Tata Steel. The directors of this company were also the only partners of this firm.

From a modest beginning, the firm went on to achieve a high degree of skill and reputation in Civil Construction. In this area it rendered services in the industrial belts of Dhanbad, Bokaro, Durgapur etc apart from Jamshedpur in Eastern India. Besides the same it started and continues to render contractual services in running of Industrial Canteens and also undertakes Mechanized House-keeping of various Industrial Houses and Indian Railways through associate Concerns. As a diversification it started undertaking Material handling/transportation in specified areas within steel mills, raw material screening, surface grinding of billets and slabs, since 1997.